iOS Connect Drive Gets Hanged before file transfer

I recently purchased the Sandisk Connect Wireless Stick - 64GB. My iPhone connects the the Stick via Wi-Fi and is able to read the drive… However post selecting the files from iPhone camera, selecting destination, the App Hangs up… I’m not able to copy anything at all… Files, Songs, Movies etc…

The Connect Drive App version is 1.0.5

The bug needs to be fixed in order to use the Stick wirelessly. Is it an iOS 9 problem or the APP.


Kumar Raman

After the recent iOS 9 release there are some file transfer functions of the SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick and Wireless Flash Drive Apps that are no longer working. Due to changes made by Apple, between the iOS 9 Beta and the iOS 9 official release, regarding how file transfers are handled the SanDisk Connect Apps will require an additional update for full file transfer functionality. The updates are currently under testing and we estimate end user availability to be within the next 7 to 10 days.

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I have several photo directories on the WS and when i switch forth and back between them three or four times, the app hangs and i have to restart my iPad to repair hangup. Is this related to the same problem you mentioned, or is it due to another bug? Will there be an update soon to fix this?

Thanks !


looks like it may be a bug. I submitted this post to sandisk support. Hopefully a fix will be released soon.