Connect Drive crashes


I bought a 64GB Wireless Stick mainly for selectively copying captured videos (and pictures) off my iPhone and into my iPad on the road. I have an iCloud photo library enabled with about 27000 photos/videos (200GB) on both of my devices but it doesn’t sync content on mobile broadband. As my 16GB iPhone is really low on space, I have selected the “optimized” for Photo Library and it takes 2-3GB on my phone.

When I tap the “plus-button” to select photos/videos on my iPhone 6, the app crashes right away on both “Photos” and “Albums” tabs. On my iPad Air 2 it can handle “Photos” tab but crashes always on the “Albums” tab. When I switched off the iCloud Photo library and deleted all the content from iPhone 6, it works fine with just a couple of photos/videos.

Is there some kind of RAM problem with Connect Drive or what might cause crashes? At the moment it looks like I will be returning this device pretty soon…


you say that the iphone has really low space? How much free space is on the phone? That may be causing the issue. 


My connect drive app keeps crashing everytime i try to click the album icon.

I have 64Gb SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick and im using Iphone 5s with IOS 9.2.1