PC generated playlists (MSC mode) won't play - player won't show up (MTP mode)

Since a friend of mine did not want to spend as much money as I did on my Shuffle for her new player I suggested the Sansa Clip+ 2GB based on another friend’s recommandation. She could not get it to work as expected so I gave it a try on my PC (XP SP3) which only recoginzed the player in MSC mode after installing WMP 10 as required in the manual.

So I added my MP3 folder to the WMP media library, added a few songs to a new playlist and sent it to the Clip. It took a while since the synchronisation list flagged all files as being converted. WTF? So I aborted, installed WMP 11 I’d and tried the same process again, this time no conversion was necessary (I later realized I could turn conversion off somewhere in the settings). However, after transfering those 2 new playlists (step by step as described in the manual) they did not show up under playlists on the Clip+ although the songs were transferred to the MUSIC folder and where manually selectable.

 So I installed the free version of Media Monkey and repeated the process:

  • scan my MP3s folder into the library

  • manually create 2 new playlists with a few songs each

  • select “send to” to the Clip+

 After synchronisation the playlists did show up on the Clip+ but this time they were empty.

So how can I create playlists on the PC that show up on the Clip+ (and what about a firmware update to disable the SlotMusic entry from the menu)? Thx.