Playlists - an oldie but a goody

Hello, I’m a newbie, and just bought my Sansa Clip + to use at the gym.  I’ve got a 32GB micro card inside, and loaded a bunch of albums on there with the view to creating a couple of playlists from them.  No problem, and the sound is uncommonly good for such a small device. And so on to the playlist:  I usually use Monkey Media on an Windows XP PC, but this time it doesn’t seem to be working, no playlist was appearing on the device.  So, I found I had the same WMP as in the instructions, and thought I’d try that.  Nope.  It asked to load a “folder” into the library (I’m not familiar with WMP, I should point out) but wouldn’t accept any of the artist folders I tried to offer it.  I finally created a separate,large “Music” folder.  This almost worked, but WMP wouldn’t show all of the albums for some reason, so I gave up on that.  In the meantime, I discovered this whole MTP vs MSC thing, but still can’t get it straight or figure out why they’re there.  Along the way, I’ve created duplicates of every song on my playlist, deleted everything trying to delete the duplicates, attempted to re-copy my music back over, only to have the whole process repeatedly hang for some reason while I wasn’t looking.  It also creates, for some reason, artist and album folders that are in fact completely empty on the memory card.

So, now I’m getting desperate.  I’ve haunted various forums (fora?) and found a host of contradictory instructions.  I’ve been told to search for the answer in past threads, and then I’ve read that these are out-of-date and that a new thread needs to be started.  So, here I am, and here is my question:

How can I create a playlist using Monkey Media on either a laptop running Windows 7 or a PC running XP? And which is best for this MSC or MTP? 

I’m just looking for a definitive, step-by-step guide rather than the piecemeal, contradictory bits of advice I’ve been finding.

I’m open to other software except possibly WMP, as I can’t work that out at all.  One thing I know I need to do is Rockbox it, and I’ll do that (it looks sooo much easier these days than when I Rockboxed my iRiver IH40!) but I’m not sure how much this will help.  I just want a simple, straightforward step-by-step guide that actually works.  I could never find one for my beloved Cowon X7 (same thing – lots of advice, none of it actually worked) but the whole point of getting the Sansa Clip+ was to just use it for the gym with playlists.

I know this is a stupid, stupid question to a lot of you - if not all of you – out there, and I’ll admit I’m not the brightests technospark, but I kept playlists perfectly well on my old iRiver, but obviously technology has, for some reason, moved on.

I would therefore appreaciate any help any kind, patient soul can give. 

Thank you in advance.

Adam K

Can’t help with media monkey, but I’ve just downloaded winamp lite. It opens in a horribly small window that can be double sized under options. If you can live with that (and I can), making playlists is a snap.

Open the player in windows explorer to see music albums, either under music for main memory or under whatever you use on micro card (I just have folders under root). Select whatever files you want from source from whatever albums or folders you use and drag selections onto winamp playlist window. You can only use one source, either main memory or micro card.

When done simply select playlist option and save playlist to clip+, either music directory for internal memory or root of micro card (if you created a music directory on micro card you will probably save there).

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Holy Moly - it WORKED!!! Thank you sooooo much!!  I have to admit, having downloaded WinAmp (the full version) at first I thought, “Well, why not do it the more straightforward way?”.  I added the music on the device to the library and created two playlists from that, saving them to the device.  They appeared on the device, but when I clicked on them, they both contained every single song on the device.  So, start again, following your instructions to the letter.  Laborious and labour-intensive, to say the least – open artist file, open album file, find track, drag across, go back to Music file, start again.  that night I actually dreamt of  opening files inside of files inside of files, like onions, often finding them empty at the heart.  Still, they’re there and they work.  First playlist I’ve managed to create since my IHP40.  I keep going back, opening the playlists up and skipping through the songs in disbelief.  Can’t wait to try them out.

thank you so much again – it’s been a huge relief.:catvery-happy:

Adam K