Overdrive Audiobooks, Recognizing Chapters


Question about playing an audiobook from Overdrive, the program used by libraries:  The book is loaded in the Sandisk Audiobook folder, in twelve “parts”.  Each part has numerous chapter breaks.  These chapter breaks can be used when the book is played from my computer, however on the Clip, the forward button advances to the next part, and skips the chapter breaks (Chapter Mode is “on”).   

Does anyone know how to get the Clip to advance to the next chapter rather than to the next part?

Thanks in advance. 

Since I’ve never used Audible and I’ve never gotten Chapter Mode to work, I’ve assumed Chapter Mode must work in Audible.  Correct me if I’m wrong, someone!

I would also love to know if this could be done.  Please post solution if you find one.

Hold down on the fast forward button to move ahead within that part. If you press down once, you move to the next part. But if you hold it down it will allow you to move through the current part. You won’t go right to the next chapter, but it gives you the ability to stay within that “part.”