Clip+ with Audible and OverDrive

I exchanged my Clip+ yesterday for a brand new one as there has been a structural crack in the underface since I bought it.  SanDisk wrote me two long letters about the

possible reasons my Audible books did not work as to Chapter Mode and book part auto connection.  They thought the device might be corrupted and that I needed to format!

I had done that numerous times so I knew that was no help.  At any rate I loaded an Audible book on the brand new one this a.m.

Guess what?  The same problems are there which simply reinforces my belief that a firmware change is a must!  Go back to the one for the regular clip; it rewinds properly,

shows the number of parts and most importantly the book parts change automatically.  NEW is not always better!  I will go back to my old clips and 3G nano for Audible!

The memory card is great for music and I love that!  MP3 rips with all the tracks joined play perfectly.  OverDrive books have only been loaded on my XP box but they are

perfect.  I even solved the problem of multiple books by one author with the help of another person on the regular clip list;  I do not use the transfer part of the OD console

any more.  The books reside in My Documents/My Media  under title name; I simply open the Documents screen and the clip+ internal memory and drag and drop my downloaded

books into Audiobooks.  Voila!

One more interesting point.  On my old Clip+ there was a mysterious Audible folder that could be seen on the PC but not on the device except when there were audible books in it.

I just checked the new one and the book that doesn’t work is in the Audible folder but on the device it shows up in Audiobooks with the word Audible in front of the title.  The biggest deal breaker is the fact that book parts don’t change automatically and that when a part is finished it goes back to beginning of that part.  Sorry folks, but that was

the problem on the old clip for months.  GO FIGURE!