Audible Enhanced Audio

I have a Sansa Clip Plus with the latest firmware…when i listen to an Audible Enhanced Audio file it doesn’t keep my place the next time i try to listen to the book…this only happens with Audible Enhanced Audio files, the player remembers my position with Audio Format 4 files.

I think there are a number of problems between Audible and Clip+.  Your enhanced format problem may be one of those that is waiting for a firmware update.

Have you been able to tell yet if your book parts advance automatically or do you have to open the next one manually?  This is also a BIG problem!

I don’t use enhanced because I want my books to play on my older clips as well.  I think we booklovers are going to have to unite to ask Sandisk not to advertise as Audible

Ready if the device is not.  If you have not done so hit the Pause button before you turn the Clip+ off and see if place is marked any better.

If you check into the Audible site you will see that the enhanced format is very new.  Sansa Fuze and iPod 3G are supported but no clip so I guess you are lucky that

the enhanced format plays at all.  Here’s the link for all the answers about Audible enhanced:  If too long just go to help on the Audible site and put in enhanced format.

Their customer service department and tech support are very helpful as well.

Thanks for your suggestions…all works well with the Audio 4 format, so i’m not too worried…i’ve emailed Audible support as well…so now that they both are aware of the issue maybe a fix is on the horizon…fingers crossed.

When you do an Audible book that is format 4,  please let me know if the book parts change automatically or have to be opened manually on Clip+.

Yes, with a format 4 audible book it automatically played the next file of the book when the previous one completed.

Thank you so much for the answer I have long searched for.  I am currently using Format 4 and my Clip+ will not go from the first part to the second part; in fact it rewinds

to the beginning.  Are you using some setting that I haven’t a clue about?  I have the chapter mode on?  Do You?

I wrote Sandisk and they said I should have no problem with parts changing but I do. I solved it by just not using Clip+ for Audible but I am very frustrated to know what could possibly be wrong.

Thanks for letting me know.


For the Fuze and Clip+, the hot ticket is to use Audible Format 4.  This format works very well.

Audible Enhanced (aax) is supported as well, but I have had the best results with Format 4.

For my e280v2, it’s happy with the more compressed Format 3.  The e280 is my audiobook workhorse, so I have plenty of books on it.  Format 3 doesn’t work with the Fuze / Clip+.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: