Audible Enhanced Format?

Just wondering if Sansa plans to add support for the new Enhanced format that audible is offering?

The enhanced format will play, it’s simply a high bitrate.  For speech, I am a big fan of the Audible Format 3, at 16 kb/s.  I like to save room for multiple books.

The Fuze isn’t happy with Format 3 any longer, you need Format 4 or Enhanced on that device. 

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: 

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The Clip won’t play the Audible Enhanced format and it’s not just a higher bitrate file.  The Enhanced format is internally AAC (inside the encryption) where format 4 is internally MP3.  The players that play the new format are players that play AAC.


Close.  The Audible Enhanced format, AAX, is supported by the Sansa Fuze at this point.  It is a higher bitrate, 64kbps, sampled at 22050 Hz.  The new Enhanced format is available for selected titles, with more coming soon…