Sansa Clip and Audible enchanced AAX

You can find in many places such a note:

“SanDisk recently released a new firmware update for the Sansa Clip and the Sansa Fuze MP3 players. The most exciting feature with the new firmware update is the new support for Ogg Vorbis and FLAC file types. Not many MP3 players out there can boast this same support. In addition, the new firmware updates allows the Clip and the Fuze to play the most advanced Audible AAX  Type 4 format and give the Sansa players enhanced controls over the playlists and podcasts. Each player has their own firmware update with the Clip getting version 1.01.29 and the Fuze getting version 1.01.15”

I have a sansa CLIP 8GB rev 2 soft .32 ant I am not able to force audible manager to download AAX enchanced format.

Anybody knows how to play Audible Enchanced AAX format on my CLIP?

Enhanced audio (aax) is not available for all titles as yet.  The Sansa Fuze currently supports AAX, but the Clip does not as yet.  Be sure to have the latest firmware on your devices, ensuring compatibility when available.

With each Sansa, in the Audible Manager, you can set the download format preference for each device too.


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On the Audible (German) site only the Fuze has the AAX option, the Clip not.

I downloaded an ÁAX file from Audible. It plays well on the Itunes.

I transferred the file manually (using windows explorer) to the Clip. The transfer went well, but the file is not recognized by the player.

I have the latest Clip firmware.

My conclusion is that the Clip is not (yet) compatible with AAX.

My device has the latest firmware i.e. V2.01.32F  I have tried both in MCS and MTP to download Audible AAX thru Audible Manager. No success.  AudibleManager dosn’t load the AAX files to SANSA and informs that my Clip supports only FORMAT 2,3,4 and I should update the firmware to the lates. So  I am very happy to see that " both devices support Audible AAX enchanced new format" but I still have NOE CLUE AT ALL how to do that.

“With each Sansa, you can set the format preference for each device too.”

  • No way to choose AAX for sansa CLIP, only FORMATS 2, 3, and 4 are available on the list.

I like my Clip and I bought it just few months ago. I wouldn’t like to buy Fuze or Ipod just to play Audible AAX which is noticeably better than FORMAT 4 and about 80% of materials I use are already in AAX.

So maybe there is another firmware release for manual update or another version of Clip hardware or so to be able to use AXX please help if you managed to play AAX on CLIP.

I also phoned Audible in Germany. They confirmed that the Clip was not compatible to AAX. I have now added our wish the firmware thread.