I just got a Clip+ and when I play an book, then play a song, then try to go back to a book, it doesn’t remember where I was. Am I missing something? This should be standard book listening functionality in my opinion.

It doesn’t have bookmarking feature. It has what they call mid track resume feature tho’. If you pause it and turn it off, it will still be on that same spot when you power it on. 

Actually, the Clip players also have autobookmarking for podcasts and audiobooks, which prompts you, when you return to the podcast or book, asking if you want to start where you left off. 

However, I don’t know if this is the same for Audible books.

If you have other books which are in mp3 or wma format, just set the genre to podcast or audiobook

Thanks for the replies. It appears format, which does show up on the Clip+ under AudibleBooks, does not support the bookmarks like an MP3 marked Podcast or Audible book. I’m trying to figure out a work around, but it sure would be nice if the device just support it.

And yet another pox on DRM-crippled content–it just doesn’t work …

Actually, Audible AA or AAX format books have a single automatic bookmark; the file should resume from the last moment played when the player left the file.

You can exit from an Audible file playback to listen to music, radio, or voice recordings, and the file will resume at the bookmark automatically.

The audiobook and podcast modes were updated in firmware updates, allowing you to resume from beginning or resume from the current point. Audible files have always had the single automatic bookmark at the stop / interrupt point.

If you are having issues with the bookmark, check your Audible format using the Audible Manager.  The Clip+ works best with Audible AA (Format 4) or Enhanced (AAX) files.  If you are having trouble with a particular book, try deleting, and retransferring the file to the Sansa.