Clip+ and Audible: Big Problem

I don’t understand why the Clip+ has to be difficult over the mode issue–MTP, MSC, or Autodetect. 

I loaded two books from Audible through their download manager–a 6 hour 1 part book and a 2 part book of 6 each.  Clip+ was on Autodetect.  It loaded the 1 parter as 1 0f 22!

Should have been one of 6 with Chapter Mode on as it was.  The two parter was part of the 22 also.  Since the Clip or Clip+ only has one time element of the book given

this is very confusing.  I formatted and started over.

I changed the Clip+ to MTP and tried to load the 1 part book again.  Audible Download Manager says device is full and can’t load anything.  I loaded the same book from WMP11

and got the 22 parts again.

Why Sandisk evidently changed the audiobook makeup of Clip+ from that of the last firmware on the Clip I will never know; it works perfectly on Autodetect.  Audible used to

not automatically change parts on the Clip;  I called and fussed with both companies but neither Sandisk nor Audible could help me.  One day after the last firmware on the clip

I discovered that the bug had been fixed.  Voila! It is perfect!  Now the bug with Clip+!

I won’t mention the name of the device that I re-loaded both books on and they worked perfectly wth no MODE argument.  The Clip+ is perfect in size and the mem card is nice

but I have to be able to correctly load rips, Overdrive, and Audible.  I have 5 Clips and 1 Clip+ but if Sandisk doesn’t get busy I won’t be collecting any more.

WHEN YOU HAVE A PRODUCT THAT WORKS WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE “FIXED”?  I’m angry and I’m sorry but I’ve wasted a lot of time loading and formatting. Hope book fans can

tell me what to do or do I just have to wait?

Donna in AR

Hi Booklovers,

Using another device that gives far more information about each of the books in question I found answers.  The Clip+ does fine for audiobooks in AutoDetect.  Since it only shows the time elapsed

the listener has to know the time length when downloaded for each part in an Audible book.  In the one part book that I wrote about there are 22 chapters if the chapter mode is on (found out the chapters on the

other device) so as far as the Clip+ takes you, I accused this wonderful little player of wrongdoing out of my own ignorance.  All I can say is that there is precious little info

out there so when discoveries are made we need to share on this list. 

In the two part book, the first part has 24 chapters as does the second so nothing there was confused with the one part book.  The listener has to adopt a whole different

way of thinking between Audible and Overdrive.  Audible will show only the chapters (if chapter mode is on) while Overdrive will show parts roughly equivalent to 1 hour+ each on the

Clip+.  To me the time element is the most important but the chapter numbers will help me figure if I’m a fourth, a third done etc.

Hopefully this issue is solved.  If listening to Audible the number at the top of your screen will refer to the number of chapters in that part only.  When listening to Overdrive

the number at the top will show the parts that the listener verified when downloading.

All I have to do now is find out if the parts of the longer book will transfer to the next one automatically.  If that is so then I’m a happy camper!

Happy Listening,

Donna in AR

Well I got too happy too quickly about the Clip+.  I’m just glad that I have a regular clip to fall back on. 

    1.  The chapter mode does not yet work other than to show the full number of chapters as in 1/24 and that is where it stays; the regular clip can go forward or backward

         by chapters as I showed someone how to do on an earlier post in the Clip forum.


    2.  The worst news is that the Audible book parts must be changed manually which is a deal breaker in heavy traffic not to mention a safety issue.  It took months to get

         that to happen automatically on the regular Clip.  Since they already know how to make it happen maybe Sandisk will hurry a fix.

I’m not crying yet because I know that ripped books work perfectly if tracks are joined.  My next test will be Overdrive.  I depend on my Clips for OD fully so if it doesn’t work

I will be very unhappy.  I’m hoping that since I know how to download into audiobooks thanks to this list and since OD links its parts maybe it will work. I’ll take a wait-and-see


Donna in Arkansas