Audiobooks using Overdrive

I love my Sansa Clip and use it for audiobooks using overdrive from my local library.  I have one question that I hope someone can help me with.  The clip is great at bookmarking so I’m able to go back and forth between books and music.  When I recharge the battery all the bookmarks are lost.  What am I doing wrong?

Are you putting the Overdrive books in the Audiobook folder? By default, Overdrive will put books in a music folder. When copying books to the Clip, you “Advanced” then browse for the Audiobook folder on your Clip. Bookmarking only works in the Podcast and Audiobook folders.

Sounds a little obtuse, but after you do it a few times, it’ll become clearer.

I use my clip almost exclusively for Overdrive Audiobooks.  Be sure you are using the Audiobook folder (prevents accidental skipping ahead too) and also be sure you have the latest firmware update in use.  If both of those are onboard then after charging the battery or updating the clip you just need to go back to the book you were listening too.  It will now default to the section you left off at and when you hit play it will ask if you want to resume or start the section over.  This is only if you have the latest upgrade in firmware though.  The last firmware you still had to remember what section you were on, then it would pick up where you left off within the section.  If you have questions about upgrading firmware check the firmware update forum on this page.  The folks here are great and quick to help.


I am trying to get this to work.  I try to use overdrive to access the View and I cannot access the device.  I also only have the following folders in this path: My Computer\Sansa View\Internal Memory\









First things first, you need to update your firmware.  If you have the current firmware you will have a audiobooks and podcast folder on you list too.  Check the Firmware Updates posting for instructions on updating the firmware.  I can’t tell you how important the updates are if you use your Clip for audiobooks.  The bookmarking is about 100 times better under the new firmware.  Also, check the board about MPT vs MSC mode (that part is a bit beyond me but can affect whether your system recognizes your clip).  Personally, I never use the overdrive to view my Clip, I do that from the “My Computer” listing but I have never had trouble transfering Overdrive books under the new firmware.  If you have trouble with the update process check the board because lots of folks here are really helpful.

I open Windows Explorer and drag & drop the audiobook from the Overdrive default file (Music) to Audiobooks on my Sansa Clip. It works great. I have the latest firmware, my Clip is a week old, my 2nd Sansa. Sansa Clip 8gb.

I am going to try to get it to transfer from Overdrive, but the drag & drop works just fine.


I changed the USB settings to MTP & was able to transfer an audiobook using Overdrive Media Console, but yes, it did transfer into Music rather than Audiobooks. I don’t know if there is a way to make it go into Audiobooks…if you have any idea about that, let me know.

I really do not mind the audiobook going to  Music, as I use it almost exclusively for audiobooks. But if I can get it into Audiobooks from Overdrive, then I’d like to do that.


First question, are you using the latest firmware?  If you are, and you can see an audiobook and podcast folder then the next steps are easy.  When you use overdrive to transfer the books it will default to music but when the wizard gets to the part where it check marks the parts to transfer, instead of clicking Next, click Advanced Options.  That will give you a box with the player folders and the default is music.  Click on Browse.  It will ask if you want a new folder and I always click No.  Then it shows you a pull down menu of the folders on the clip.  Scroll up and highlight the Audiobooks folder then click OK. Click Ok on the next box and then click Next (as you should be back to the transfer window).  Then everything will transfer to your audiobook file and you have the better bookmarking abilities.  I know that when you write this out it sounds a little confusing but once you go through it once it is really easy.  Just remember when you go looking for your book to go to the audiobook folder to find it on your Clip.  Let me know if this helps.

Worked like a charm…I went into My Computer & deleted the book from Music & then downloaded it again following your instructions…and voila’ there it is in Audiobooks.

Thanks so much…and yes, I have the latest firmware, it is brand new & I checked that after reading some of your earlier notes. You are most helpful…I appreciate all you’ve written here.

Right now my only complaint is the mini-CD, as I have an iMac and a slot CD…so I can’t play or use the mini-CD. Do you know if Sandisk will replace it with a regular CD?

Aloha, Linda

Glad I could help.  As to the mini CD, my only suggestion is to check with Sandisk Technical support.  They are usually very helpful.  If they can’t send you a CD there may be a place you can download the info from.  I think there are links to them at the top of the forum.  The folks here are great so if you have any trouble with Tech Support try a new post here about the CD.  If you title it right(mention the problem in the title) someone is sure to respond fairly quickly.  If you have been reading the forums you will notice there are a couple who answer lots of questions and seem pretty computer savvy as well as Clip savvy if you know what I mean.  Anyway, glad I could help with the audiobook bit.  Enjoy your clip, I know I love mine.


Del, this is off subject, but I’m listening to my favorite Hawaiian music on my clip right now & I cannot believe the sound…it is fantastic, as good as a CD. I looked a long time before buying this MP3 player…I already had a Sansa m240 that I like a lot…I’ve had it about 3 years & it has been a great one…I just wanted something that would hold lots of books, plus was not a touch wheel, as I use mine at night & have to feel the individual selectors…pause, menu, select, etc.

Anyway, I looked at the Clip sometime ago & thought it too small, but I am very happy with this purchase & would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a MP3 player, be it for music or books or whatever…podcasts, man, I can listen to them too…kinda neat, IMO.

Thanks again…I am pretty computer savvy too, so I may be on the forum a bit too, as time permits.

aloha, Linda