Bookmarking audiobooks with .30 FW


Thanks for a usefull product!

I’m hoping to find some help with how best to handle my audiobook listening on the clip with the new firmware 01.01.30. Right now the upgrade actually seems to have made it more difficult for me to use bookmarks… Hopefully I’ve missed something?

I listen to audiobooks in normal mp3 format that I transfer to the audiobook folder via msc drag-and-drop. In between the book listening I sometimes listen to music.

The automatic bookmark function then works fine when I go back to the audiobook - but only presuming that I can remember the correct file to open - since there is no way to see which file has a bookmark in it.

Not always easy to remember even with firmware .29 where I could see what file I was in - for example 27/80 in the folder of that book. If I couldn’t remember the file number, I had to navigate back and forth between files using the menu options, since skipping to the next file was not an option.

Now with firmware .30 the information I needed to find the correct file - 27/80 - is gone in the display and has been replaced by the utterly useless information chapter 1/1. Also I’ve read that skipping between audiobook files is now enabled, but I can’t make it work.

Please tell me I’m missing something here - isn’t new firmware supposed to be an improvement?

Start playing an audiobook, press the down button to bring up the context menu, turn chapter mode on.  This will bring back your file count at the top of the screen.  This will also enable the use of the right and left buttons to skip back and forth between files.  If you hit it by accident you can still go back to the right place in the book since bookmarking is still maintained for each individual file.

Excellent, works like a charm. I knew I was missing something - thanks! :slight_smile:

But I guess there is still no way to “highlight” the audiobook files/chapters that have bookmarks  or another easy way to find your way back to the bookmarked file once you return to the audiobook after listening to music or radio?

No, but that request has been made in another thread and hopefully SanDisk can get it into the next firmware update.