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Excited about my new Sansa Clip but needing some help in how to get the most out of it. For Audiobooks I download them from my library which uses OverDrive Media.  They get transferred into the music/artist and Music/album folder instead of music/audiobooks.  How can I get them to go to the right place?

The bigger question however is how can I book mark where I stop so I can use the clip for other things and later pull up the book and go right back to where I left off? 

I have read that Sandisk has made some changes and I do not know what operating system I am using.  How do I find that out and get the latest system?  Would that make this all work better?

This is John again with a ps to my above question:

I found out I have ver. 1.01.81A.  Is this the latest?

The latest firmware is 1.01.30. Check out the Sansa Clip Firmware For Hardware Revision 1.0 sticky for install instructions. Many things have been fixed since the 1.01.18 version. Try and see if it helps.

Thanks. While I was waiting for my first reply I figured this out and downloaded the latest ver.  Now how to get audiobooks into the audiobooks folder and then how to bookmark???

Start the transfer with the Overdrive utility, when in the transfer wizard and it is giving you the option to pick which sections of the book to transer there is a button labeled “Advanced Options”.  If you select that you can replace part of the folder path changing “Music” with “Audiobooks”.  Then the book will go into the proper folder.

Once you get your audiobooks into the “audiobooks” folder as above, there is an automatic bookmarking feature for each file.  Upon returning to the particular file, the Clip will ask- Resume from beginning, or current position.

Cool, huh?

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

I have the latest firmware, I use Netlibrary for audiobooks.  I have no category on my clip that says podcast or audiobook.  Is this something I have to add? 

If you use NetLibrary, make sure your firmware is either 01.01.29 or 01.01.30 (the latest) and then double check the ‘Genre’ tag of the NetLibrary book to make sure it says ‘Audiobook’.  Provided these things are done you’ll find the NetLibrary books in the Audiobooks section of the Clip’s menu and no longer mixed into the Music section.  The biggest benefit is of course the bookmarking.

NetLibrary books are nice because they are only one file and it’s easy to figure out where to resume within one file.  OverDrive books have many parts (~70 minutes each) depending on the length of the book and you have to remember which part you were last listening to.  This is difficult if you have many books you’re listening to so I just record a voice memo on my Clip saying which section I was last listening to.

Hopefully SanDisk will update the firmware to have only one bookmark for multipart OverDrive audiobooks.

How do I change the genre tag?  In Windows media player?  Can i do it after it is downloaded?  Thanks for your help.  I used to be an ipod girl, but I really prefer the clip to my old nano.

I do have the latest firmware, I updated it a few weeks ago, but I don’t see podcasts or audiobooks on it.  Will I only get that after I change the genre tag?

For NetLibrary books I suggest changing the Genre tag in WMP after you’ve successfully downloaded and played the file.  Simply right-click the file in the ‘Now Playing List’ and choose the ‘Advanced Tag Editor’ - just make sure the file you want to change the tags on is not playing or in pause mode .  I suggest just stopping playback.  Type ‘Audiobook’ in the Genre box as it is not already in the drop-down list and click OK.

Since the Clip doesn’t show total time I also like to change the Album tag to include both the title and the total time of the track.  For example, I just uploaded a book called ‘Skin Tight’ which is 14:47:23 long so I made the Album tag read ‘14:47 Skin Tight’ so I can easily see how much time is left.  It shows up as ‘Skin Tight/14:47 Skin Tight’ on the 2nd line of the Clip’s display.  Very handy workaround to see length of NetLibrary books on the Clip.

Put the newly tagged file in the Sync List, sync to Clip and enjoy!!

Hope this helps.

THANKS!!  That did the trick.  I appreciate you taking the time to help the windows challenged.

**Here is a lot that I have learned about bookmarking on the Sansa Clip.  Everything works wonderfully with the firmware release 1.01.30  !!!


Bookmarking is very important since it allows one to return to the point where one stopped when last listening to the book.  Books are stored in the Music menu tab (other tabs are FM, Voice, Settings).  A book is often stored in 8 to 10 “Parts”, each one of which can be over an hour long.  Without bookmarks, finding one’s place is quite tedious (even if one has manually made a note of the exact time of the ending point as shown on the MP-3 before turning off or switching functions).  In order for a bookmark to work correctly, the Sansa Clip has to know the relevant item stored is a book or podcast rather than music.  This is done by specifying the genre correctly before downloading the book to the MP-3.


The MP-3 has some innate bookmarking.

Ø      It will return to the same point when turned off and on.

[Turn off when on FM, it will be on the same station when turned back on.  Turn off when on music and it will be playing at the same point in the same song when turned back on.  Turn off when listening to an audiobook, and it will be playing at the same point in the same book when turned back on.]

Ø      It will also return to the same point when switching from the Music tab to the FM tab and vice versa.

[If you switch from music to FM and back to music, there will be the option to Play Previous; select this and the song or book will resume at point when one switched to FM.  This is true even if one turns off the MP-3 while in FM.]

Ø      It will NOT bookmark within Music (unless genre is correct)

[If you switch between songs or from a book to a song and then back to the book, the book will revert to the beginning (of that “Part”) unless the book has the correct genre.]


To ensure that a bookmark stays in intact when switching from a book to a song, it is necessary before downloading the book to the MP-3 to set the genre correctly in Windows Media Player (or comparable media software that is used for downloads).  Go to Library, Songs, and the particular item – then highlight the genre(which shows as rock, jazz, blues, etc). and write in “audiobook” or “podcast”.  When so specified, the book files are segregated and the bookmarks will be retained.  These bookmarks stay in place even when switching between books in audiobooks and within all Part of an audiobook (which is not the case when switching between Songs).


Ø      When shifting out of an audiobook and then returning, one will have the choice of Play Previous (or Resume Playback vs Start From the Beginning).  Pick Play Previous (or Resume Playback).  Hit either Select (center button) or   >>l (forward key).

DANGER:  Note that when the audiobook is playing, hitting the   l<< key takes one back to the beginning of the Part and hitting is again soon after takes one to the previous Part.  Hitting  the  >>l key takes one to the next Part.  Bookmarks are then LOST.   If one wants to go back or forward, be sure to hold the  l<<  or >>l  buttons down, which will begin with a slow speed and gradually increase the scrolling speed.**

Ok, I’ve done the firmware upgrade, and changed the genre to audiobooks, then downloaded to the Clip.  Now the book doesn’t even show up on the Clip.  What am I doint wrong?

Peace, Dennis

Rahter than looking in genres, did you keep scrolling down on the main Music menu and look in audiobooks?


Will this method also work for a Fuze?  Thank you.

Yes, the interface is very similar for the Clip and Fuze.  Renaming the genre to audiobook or podcast, the device will pull these files from the “general music population”.

Bob :smileyvery-happy:

Thank you.

I tried this option on my View with no luck.  It still thinks it’s a music file.

There is a folder called Audiobooks.  Also, tried it with audiobooks since I saw that one suggested.

I tried both *.wma and *.mp3 files from the OverDrive Media Console.

I upgraded the firmware to 1.03.02A.

Any other suggestions?

I was experimenting with my new Clip (firmware version 2.01.13A out of the box) and I discovered I don’t have to create tags for the autoresume (i.e., bookmarks) to work.  Creating tags, in my case, would be inconvenient, so this is a “pro”.  I just drag the mp3 file from my PC into the Clip’s Audiobooks folder.   When I leave an “audiobook” then come back, it resumes.   This is true whether or not I pause the file before leaving it.  I just experimented with 3 such “audiobooks” (I put in parenthesis because it’s just a regular mp3 file, about 200mb, untagged, and not really an audiobook).   Actually, I wouldn’t call this bookmarking.  But the Clip is designed to play audiobooks, which would imply that files in the Audiobook folder are resumeable, which is actually a more intuitive way to bookmark, while sparing the user of managing bookmarks, so in a way it’s better than bookmarks.

Two other things I noticed about the clip:

1.  It has an accelerating fast-forward, which is fantastic for getting past boring parts of my 4-5 hour recorded radio shows.  (This is true in both music and audiobook mode.)2. If I click the FF or REW button when listening to an audiobook (or mp3 in the audiobook folder), nothing happens, which is what I would hope for, actually.  Doing the same thing when listening to regular music jumps to the next or previous track, as I would expect, and desire.   This dual mode way of handling regular mp3 files and files in the audiobooks folder is very convenient for users who listen to both regular music (where they might want to easily skip to another song, randomly or not), and audiobooks (where they wouldn’t want to skip to another file), and it automatically assumes the correct mode, which is convenient.

This Clip, at 8gig, is a very convenient and powerful dap.  And at $69, a remarkable value.  This is Walmart’s price.  Best Buy was out of stock, but the retail is $99.    It’s not bogged down by video capabilities that would only inflate the price, and does anybody really watch movies on those 2-3 inch screens anyway?   Or browse the web?  I wanted to get a device to just store about 4-8 gigs of music (from my digitized mix-tape collection) but a device that both stores AND plays back the music, the way I want it to, is a great find, and of TREMENDOUS value to me.  It’s not really an apples to apples comparison, but the Touch, with the same capacity, costs $199.   The Shuffle is attractive, but has less capacity and the *hassle* of synching (and let’s face it, even the tiny display of the Clip affords degrees of functionality, and therefore fun, that the Shuffle lacks).     The Sansa Fuze is a slightly bigger version of the Clip, and has a mini-SD card slot – but when you attach these other technologies to an otherwise simple device, it suddenly becomes overly complicated and error prone, a direction I want to avoid.

For active people who need music when they’re walking the dog, doing yard work, working out, running, cycling, hiking, or even commuting, the Clip is a must have.  Yes, I would say this is THE IPOD KILLER.   But It’s diminutive size puts it below the radar of most.  At first glance it looks like something entry level – but looks are deceiving.  Best Buy had a noticeable display of the 2 and 4 gig models, but who’s buying 2-4 gig daps these days?  Clearly the 8 gig model puts it over the top, at least for me.  The size, price, capacity – and simplicity - strike a blend for me that’s just right. 

By the way, does this behavior with the autoresume, in the Clip, change with later firmware versions?