Question from first time user re books

So glad to find this forum!  I have just joined Audible and downloaded my first book.  I have transfered the book to my Sansa Clip.  This is my question…I have never used the my Clip yet and am wondering…if I start listening to the book and want to stop listening, will the Clip hold my place? In fact, how to I go about even listening to the book?  Yes, a real rookie here!  I am embarrassed to ask this question but want to be sure I do this right!  Thanks so much for any advice~


If you have the latest firmware (01.01.29), when you leave and come back to a book it will ask you if you want to resume or start over. 

Thanks so much…I don’t even know what firmware is!  I keep reading about it on here but have yet to figure out what it is.  How do I download it?  Or do I download it? 

I just pressed pause when I wanted to stop the book and it goes right back to me place…at least I think it does, haven’t tried it today yet.:cry:


On your player, go to the Settings menu, then Info. Here you find your Firmware version.

If it is not the latest, you can download an update from the threads pinned to the top of this forum.

Audible is specifically supported on the Sansa Clip.  The Audible bookmark feature will function regardless of firmware level.

With the latest firmware, listeners of podcasts and audiobooks (from other sources) now can have the automatic resume (bookmark) on these files.

The Chapter Mode indexing of Audible is specific to the .aa format.

The firmware is the operating software for your device, essentially its own operating system.  It’s a good idea to update your firmware to the latest version, as features are added, and annoying bugs are fixed along the way.

To check your current firmware version, select Settings > Info, and read the first line.  The current version is 01.01.29.  To update, see this thread.

Enjoy your Sansa!!

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: