Audiobooks Folder

How do I sync my audiobooks into the audiobooks folder on the Clip so I can use the new features on the latest firmware?  I see that the option appears when scrolling through the menu on the Clip, but when exploring it on Windows, it is not there.  Also, when I transfer books using Windows Media Player, it doesn’t ask what folder to put it in.  Any help appreciated as this is so frustrating.

Also, I am using the Overdrive Media Console for the books with a license (netlibrary) and I don’t no really how it is working, but at least it is getting the books to the Clip-now if I can just figure out how to pause, etc, and fast forward effectively.


I too have had this problem and my searches on the internet and in the forums have yet to yield an answer.

I just got the player specifically to listen to audiobooks, this would be a major disappointment if it doesn’t work properly with them.

Anybody have any ideas on what to do different?

With the current firmware 01.01.20 only Audible audiobooks show up in the audiobooks folder.  However, you are able to listen to both OverDrive and NetLibrary audiobooks since they are just DRM-protected WMA files.  Make sure you use MTP mode and transfer the audiobooks with either the OverDrive media player or Windows Media Player.

Take a look at the “No volume, suddenly” message for some useful information on listening to non-Audible audiobooks.