How does chapter mode work for audiobooks?

If I make mp3s of my audiobook cds and load them on my 2gig Clip (with firmware 1.01.29a), what does “chapter mode” do? Anything? Or is that only valid/good if you’re listening to audiobooks in a different format?


Chapter mode supports Audible .aa format audiobooks only.  Playing an Audible file, the book is indexed into convenient chapters, rather than individual files as in generic audiobooks.

Also, consider updating to the latest 01.01.30 firmware, as audiobook / podcast navigation has been improved, allowing you to skip to the next file without navigating through the submenu.  If you press and hold the >> or << butttons, you get REW or FF; if they are tapped once, you can go to the next file.

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For Audible chapter mode will skip you through the large audible section by chunks (in my experience not really the book’s chapters, just different points in the book to make navigating easier).

For mp3, overdrive etc. chapter mode will enable use of the fwd/rew buttons to skip between the files of the audiobook and will enable the file count at the top of the screen.