Not recognizing audible book chapters


i finally managed to upload audible books to my new clip jam. But it seems not to recognize chapters, which makes navigating the book pretty annoying. I tried 5 different audible books. Same behavior with all of them.

Any hints appreciated…

What kind of books are they? Are these mp3 files? If so, is there a separate file for each chapter?

how are the files tagged? how are they showing? Incorrect order? can you post some sample files so we can take a look at them?

I used the audible manager software to load the files to the clip jam. Files are in .aax format and sizes range from 500mb to about 1000mb.They show up in “books/audiobooks/audible” just as expected. But when playing there is just one big chapter with a length of like 20h. There are 4 audible books on the device, so it shows “1/4” when playing the first. My old clip+ additionally displayed the current chapter number out of the total number. Pressing the forward or backward button skips to the next or previous book, rather than to the next or previous chapter as expected.

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I see what you are talking about now. The Clip Sport and Clip Jam do not support Chapter mode like the older players. if you notice in the clip+ under settings > audiobooks there is a setting for chapter mode on/off. The sport and jam do not have this in settings as the only audiobook setting is playback speed. 

Thanks for your reply!

Is there a chance the chapter mode feature will be added in future firmware versions?

Likely, no–I wouldn’t expect firmware enhancements from the Sport/Jam line, including because of hardware limitations.

Do you think that Sanza might eventually design an mp3 player that’s good for audiobooks?  The Clip/Clip+ were the best around for that purpose for many years, but that wasn’t saying much, since most players are awful for audiobooks.  I just got a Clip Jam, and it’s a huge step back!  

When I use the forward or back button on the Jam, I get slammed all the way into a different book.  Why would I want to skip from book to book?

Also, for books that are long enough to be recorded in more than one part, I literally am not allowed to see the entire title to tell which file is which - the title snails across for a short time and then blanks out before getting to the end, so I’m never allowed to see the crucial number that comes last.

There are plenty of people who listen to audiobooks.  Why doesn’t Sansa care about that market?

@anninillinois wrote:

Do you think that Sanza might eventually design an mp3 player that’s good for audiobooks?  

As you had noted, the Clip and Clip+, and the Clip Zip.  SanDisk took a bit of a left turn after that, in the opinion of some of us . . . .     :frowning:

Not according to the Clip Jam Manual

They say there is a chapter on - off under settings 

Also says there’s a chapter “chooser” after toggling the audio book.

Worthless manual the one I downloaded is dated 2016

Don’t even think it’s worth updating to firmware 1.12 even if my book ends before it’s over.

I’m returning this - it might be ok for music but it stinks when it comes to  audiobooks - who ever heard of not recognizing chapters  when reading a book.