Audiobooks, mostly painlessly

I see so many people frustrated with using the Sport and Jam for audiobooks, so I thought I would add my two cents about what works for me.  Once I figured out the quirks, the Sport seems to work fine for me and my partner.  (I saw someone say the Jam is similar. I don’t have one.)


Firstly, if you use Audible, make sure you don’t download in the Enhanced Mode as it skips the endings of your audiobooks and also has unbearably long pause/returns.   Use Mode 4. Sure, not as nice as Enhanced but it actually WORKS!   Also, be sure you are not in Shuffle mode for your music, as it will shuffle your audiobook parts.  How annoying.

Library Books:

For free audiobooks from my Library using OverDrive, here is what I learned.   Download them in mp3 format.  I put them under Audiobooks (not Audible) on my Sport by dragging and dropping. It is imperative that they be listed in correct order of parts, from 1 on down on your player.  Sometimes I have had to add each part separately to get them in order, other times they go on fine.  Sometimes the book name is so long it doesn’t show the parts numbers on the Sport and that is annoying, to say the least.  Again, do not have Shuffle Mode on!  

Sometimes the actual name of the library book is listed in the Audiobook folder, sometimes it shows as Unknown Book (still plays fine).

Sure, the library gives you a time limit but it can’t remove the book from your Sport and it relies on you to remove it.

I have never tried to put Audiobooks from cd’s on my Sport. It is well beyond my abilities and patience levels!  If I had a cd I wanted to hear, I would look to see if it was in my local library and get it in mp3 format.  I am not technologically oriented at all.

Hope this helps.

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