Chapter Mode for Audiobooks

I use my player to listen almost exclusively to audiobooks.  I bought a Clip Sport recently to replace my Clip Zip (whose battery life was getting really low) - but it seems that there’s no chapter mode for Audible audiobooks.

Is this the case, or am I looking in the wrong place (I checked in the Settings menu)


the sport does not ahve chapter mode

Thanks for the prompt response.  But what a pain!  It seems that useful features like that have been removed in favour of stopwatches and other things that aren’t needed on an mp3 player!

Do you think this feature is likely to be added in an update?

Could you simply return the Sport and purchase a new Zip or Clip+?

Probably not, as I’ve been using it quite a bit, but I may purchase another of the other models and just use it for Audible audios.