Audiobook Support Disappointing

I cannot fathom why it is that SanDisk so modified the Audiobook support relative to the Clip Zip. The following are all issues that were better solved in the Zip (sadly, my Zip’s battery life was diminishing and the buttons were becoming unreliable):

  1. If you’re listening to a book, and, say, fall asleep using sleep mode and the device then moved into the next chapter, if you go back to the previous chapter and start playing it, when that previous chapter ends, the next chapter picks up where you left off. The correct behavior is this: when switching chapters after playing the end of a chapter, the next chapter should *ALWAYS* start at the beginning.
  2. The fast-forward and fast-reverse functions, instead of having a slowly accelerating speeds, make relatively large time jumps,  This makes it impossible to fast-forward (or reverse) to an exact time in the recording.
  3. If you’re listening to, say chapter 3 in some book, and you want to listen to the radio or music for a while, when you return to the audiobook you were listening to, you need to remember that you were in chapter 3.  In the Zip, the device remembered what chapter I was on and started there once I picked the book.

There are so many people who purchase these players specifically for their audiobook capabilities. It’s really hard to understand why we’ve been so foresaken.  Can you restore this functionality in some future bios upgrade?