I bought the clipzip under the mistaken impression that because it is the sucessor to the clip+ it would be an improvement.   I now have it, and after fiddling with it, and studying this board, my conclusion is that if you use it for audio books or podcasts, it’s actually a step backwards.  Apparently, using various workarounds, it is possible to get podcasts to play in order, but this shouldn’t be necessary.  (Some of those workarounds apparently also disable the feature that allows you to pick up the podcast where you left off, something I thought particularly useful in the clip+, and which other players (the Zen for example) did not have).

I note that the last firmware update was almost a year ago.  Does anyone know if sandisk intends to address these issues in a future firmware update?  Failing that, has anyone collected, in one place, suggestions for dealing with these problems?  None of the reviews, all done contemporaneously with the release of the clip zip, mention in detail the serious limitations of the zip when it comes to audiobooks and podcasts.  Thanks.

One never knows, but I find it less likely that SanDisk will issue out further firmware for the Zip at this point–it’s just older in is lifecycle.