Sandisk Plus returns audio book to beginning each time

I have had other Sandisk clips that didn’t have this problem.   But my Sandisk Clip Plus Bluetooth won’t save the place where I have stopped listening to an audio book.  I need to fast forward to somewhere near where I thought I stopped listening and then go forward and backward to get there. 

It is very frustrating!   Does anyone also have this problem?  Does anyone know the solution??

Thanks so much.  Jojo2404

Having same problem JoJo.

Surprisd no one else come to mention. Gotta be a common issue.

Had mine just a couple months.

Also not sure a Sandisk problem or a Audible.

Had same problem with my Cowon iAudio9, so bought the Sandisk hoping it would solve the issue, but no so.

Best regards


I do not have the issue with my clip sport plus. I pause the tack before turning the player off or listening to a different book or music and when i come back to that track it asks if I want to resume or start over. Are you pausing the book before leaving it? 

Myself, I just turn it off. Didn’t occour to me to pause and then turn off.

Most of my books play as expected, resume on last position but a couple have reset to beginning upon

restarting my clip sport plus.

I updated to latest firmware so will see if makes a diff.