Books restarting

In the previous players I have had (one I still have) when a book is ended it ends.

In the clip sport, the book just restarts.  A little aggravating if you are just listening, but more so if you fall asleep listening to

short stories and wake to a depleted batttery

Is there some setting I am not understanding or was the STOP mechanism left out.  Just got latest firmware(Jan 2015) and

the same thing still happens


You are not alone,

I have the same problem with both podcasts and audiobooks.  I’m trying to find a solution.  I’ve been posting on this string:

I have run into the same problem.  I’m out for a run, listening to my book and then it starts over instead of stopping or going on to the next disc.  Really annoying and would NOT recommend this product to anyone unless this got fixed.  I too never ran into this with my SanDisk Clip Zip. Now I’m not sure what to do with this product until this gets fixed.