Firmware update made audiobook resume go away

I haven’t seen anybody report this, so I guess it is just me.

I made the mistake of allowing my fairly new SanDisk Clip Sport to update its firmware (I assume it is 1.22 now). Before the update the player would remember where I left off in an Audible audiobook when I turned the player on. After the update it no longer does that. Instead I get a brief yellow flash screen that says “no files found” then the main audiobook screen. From there I have to step through my book list to the book segment I was on, select that, and select resume.

So, the .pos file is there and working fine. But the player no longer remembers where I was when I first turn it on. Quite annoying. I’d go back to the firmware that came with the player if I could.

Any suggestions?

Is Chapter mode still turned on? Updating the firmware likely changed the setting,

Chapter mode on or off makes no difference in the player no longer being able to remember where it was when turned off. It sure seems like a bug in the new firmware except that nobody else has reported it.

It seems like all the Sandisk players lose their resume place when they make a data connection with a pc. 

If having the player remember the resume position is important to you, then charge the player using a cell phone charger with a micro usb connector. Make sure the cell phone charger says 5 volts on it before connecting it. Almost all of them are 5 volts, however there might be some nonstandard ones.

I’ve never updated the Firmware on my Sport. I’ve just checked the “Info” setting and it’s running version 1.22 which was installed when I bought it. Mine remembers where it was in an Audiobook with no problem. As Audiobooks are the only thing I use it for I’d be very irritated if it didn’t.

I’ve not altered any of the settings on the player. All the Audiobooks I listen to are ripped myself from copies from my local library.

I do often charge using my phone charger and the audiobook resume is unrelated to that because it happens just turning the player off and back on again. However, I was right that it was a bug in firmware 1.22 because the new firmware, 1.27 fixed the problem! I can now turn the clip sport off and it will resume the book I was on when I turn it back on, just like it did out of the box when new. :slight_smile: Haven’t had a chance to see if the new firmware will fix the sorting problem with Overdrive MP3 audiobooks, although I’m hoping it will. Nevertheless, my player now works fine with Audible audiobooks, just as it did before the 1.22 update.