can't resume from the file where I stopped


In the manual it says:

if you stop playing an audibook before it finishes, your player will create a .pos file,
it is to save the resume point and it is not a playable file. This file will be seen only under
folder view."

My player doesn’t create .pos files and doesn’t start from the file where I stopped listening neither audiobooks nor audibles.

What am I missing? I checked all the settings, but can’t find why is this happening. I have latest firmware 1.22.

Please, help.

Thank you.


Do you pause the file before turning off the player? All sandisk players will resume where they were if you pause 

the player before turning it off.


Yes, I pause and leave it in the pause position without turning off ususlly. And plug in to charge.

Later take the player and there is no .pos file, no bookmarks. So, I need to remember wher eI stopped.

Any thoughts?


The issue is that after making a data connection with the pc, the resume position is lost. Either charge it with a cell phone charger, or else use a power only cable when connecting to the pc to charge, so the player doesn’t make a data connection with the pc.

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Thank you. That makes sense.

But in that case every time when I connect device to PC my .pos files are being deleted, right?

And that is the reason I can not see those files at all.