One clip syncs to net library content the other does not

I’m sure I’m missing something… maybe I read it before and now I can’t find it.

Here’s the deal: We’re a two clip family. I’ve been downloading content from net library for about a month now. My wife decides she wants to do the same. We perform our normal download and media rights process, but the Windows media player claims her Clip is a device that “does not support subscription content”.

However, if I connect my Clip, I can download and play the file with no problem.

When I first started downloading from Net Library, I recall I had to “do something” to the player to solve a problem I was having, but now I can’t find that article here. 

Both players have the latest firmwear (but I had to manually download them, the auto-update tool did not do it this time for either player). I’ve also tried the sync in USB and MTP mode. My Clip (the one that will sync to Net Library content) has always been in USB mode.

Anyone got any ideas about this? Thanks!

Unplug the device

Select Settings> Format> Yes  (this will reformat the entire device)

Update the firmware

Make sure USB mode is Autodetect or MTP (MSC wont work for Netlibrary)

Reconnect the clip and try

Did this “fix” work for you?  I just bought a clip and get the same warning that it is not compatible with my downloaded file from netlibary.  However it did sync about 2 minutes of an 8 hour Pimsleur Language file.  Then just seemed to stop. I called the help number and they gave me lots of things to try, nothing worked.  I tried this fix that they gave you and it did not help me either. Did you have any luck?  Too bad you could not remember the first “fix.”  That guy probably left the company.

The above fix worked for me!

The other solution was found somewhere on the board… it was a post in late December.

I think it may have been firmware related, but I really don’t recall now.

I’ll see if I can find it.

Here is something I found from October…

I finally got it working.  It was a group membership issue.  I had to take myself out of the Guest and Domain Guest group and make sure was Admin on my local machine for it work. 

it may not apply to your situation, but then it again, it might.

The same thread talks about security upgrades to Windows media player that could be involved as well (that was part of my earlier issue).

I found this link by searching for “subscription content”.

Otherwise, the primary advice everyone seems to give is “format”, and some users have had to do it multiple times before it works for them.

Here is the reason.

The Format via your computer in MTP mode does not erase the DRM license store.  Only formatting from the Device UI menu or MSC mode will delete the Store completely, then the firmware will reinitialize it.

I usually transfer NetLibrary files using MSC mode so that all my non-DRM (music files from my own CDs) and DRM (audiobook files from NetLibrary and OverDrive) appear at the same time and in the same place.  Haven’t used Rhapsody or other similar unlimited DRM music sites like Yahoo Music to see if these would work in MSC too.

I use Windows Media Player (WMP 10.00) and make sure the file plays (i.e. the license is checked out and working).  Then I click the “Sync” tab in WMP, drag the NetLibrary file to the left pane (from Windows Explorer or Desktop), verify the Clip appears at top of the right pane (mine shows up as ‘SANSA M350’), and then click “Start Sync”.  I don’t do anything while the file syncs up.  Once done syncing and the Clip stops writing I unplug.  Works just fine for me.

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