Help Getting NetLibrary Protected eBooks on Clip

I have a NetLibrary account for ebooks which have protected DRM content.  I have reformatted the clip 8 times, downloaded the firmware update,  tried syncing with WMP 11, tried dragging directly to the Clip in Windows Explorer, checked to make sure MTP is selected in USB settings.  What other options do I have other than returning (expletives here) to Best Buy??  Frustration level has reached maximum boiling point.  Please help.

Did you use the media console to transfer the netlibrary contents to the clip?  It’s preferred that you use media console rather than using WMP11. 

Here is the link for media console

I downloaded the overdrive media console and went through the required WMP11 security upgrade.  It could not find the file (cause they are WMA’s rather than OMC’s), however I tried syncing again in WMP11 and this time it worked!!  Thanks for your help.  I was beyond frustrated and ready to pack it up and take it back.

I’m not so lucky. I have the same problem, I upgraded the security in WMP 11, and my DRM files will not play after I sync them. I get a message on the Sansa 280 that says, “Synchronize to continue your music subscription.” Does anyone have an idea?


I keep on seeing the suggestion that one reformat the Clip, to delete the old licenses, and then sync up again.  (But I don’t use DRM’ed files.)

What has always worked for me with previous MP3 players, including Creative Zen Nano Plus and my new Clip, is to make sure you can play the NetLibrary file in Windows Media Player before adding the file to the Sync screen and doing the sync to your Clip.  This guarantees that you have the necessary license to play the file.

Does anyone have info on what happens when a licensed file expires on your PC?  More specifically, does the file stop working on the Clip too?  It seems possible since when you sync the licensed file it could tell how much longer the file is licensed.  Not sure since the Clip has no date/time info that we can see.

Thanks everyone for your suggestions. This was my bad.  I thought I had it in MTP mode, but did not.

Yes, I ALWAYS make sure it can play in WMP; that is a good thing to mention. That is, in fact, how I login to obtain the license.

Thanks again.