"It is not possible to obtain device's certificate"

After updating the firmware on my 2GB Clip  to the xxx.18 version and trying to Sync a title that had Sync-ed to my Clip before, I get the message “It is not possible to obtain device’s certificate.” The message goes on to tell me to check for a firmware update for my device.

I am trying to Sync an audiobook title downloaded from NetLibrary. It’s a subscription WMA file which still has 2 remaining Sync’s allowed.

Any ideas? Thanks.

Reformat the device.

Unpllug it from the computer.

Go to settings> Format > Yes

Retry the transfer

Thanks. That did the trick. Since the firmware update, I can both fast-forward through and resume play on my 10-hour audiobook downloaded from NetLibrary. Thanks again!

I’ve got an unusual, related problem.  I’m able to play a NetLibrary file just fine on my computer, and I still have several syncs left on the subscription . . . but once the file is transferred to my Sansa Clip, it doesn’t play.  That is, it shows up, but if I push “play,” it automatically pauses.  I’ve already formatted and downloaded the file again to my Clip with the same result.  I’ve transferred using MediaPlayer 11, Winamp 5.5, and just by physically dragging it to the right folder.  Nothing works.

Any suggestions?

Make sure you are not using MSC mode,  otherwise there will not be a ability to play the Netlibrary content.  Its DRM protected,  so you must use AutoDetect / or MTP mode.

Thanks for the tip.  After wrestling with my computer, I’ve decided that it’s a DRM issue involving Media Player 11.  Media Player won’t play the file and, thus, won’t transfer it properly.  WinAmp will play the file, but can’t transfer the rights to play it, so it won’t work.  Not a Sansa Clip issue . . . a **bleep** Microsoft issue.

Thanks again!

Okay, it’s finally all squared away.  The Sansa Clip is awesome!