Ogg files not playing properly on Sansa Fuze

I listen to a lot of Podcasts. I’ve been trying the Ogg versions of many of these Podcasts and some work and some don’t. I don’t know whether it’s a Fuze issue or a quality issue of the Ogg files produced by the website. Could I please get you to have a listen to this file and tell meif it plays fine on your Fuze?

Here’s the OGG version:


Here’s the MP3 version:


I get these files via these RSS feeds:



If you can suggest a reason why won’t play properly, I could pass the feedback onto the Linux Basement Site.

Here are some feeds where the files play fine on my Sansa:



I’d appreciate any feedback. Thanks.

There are some issues with ogg playback with Certain encoders. I dont know the specifics about the encoder but they should be addressed in the next firmware. I would try the ones that dont work after the next update and see if they are better.

That’s soon I presume? :neutral_face: So, it’s seems that it IS a Sanza Fuze issue. I’ll just have to use the MP3 feeds in the meantime. I like to try to use the Ogg feeds when I can.

I have the same issue with the Ogg files on the Linux Outlaws Podcast as well for instance:


Ogg RSS feed:


MP3 RSS feed:


Next Fw is due out by Tuesday.

We hope. :smiley: