A new happy Fuze owner

Hello, I just got my brand new Sansa Fuze 8gb, updated the firmware to the latest and I need to say I’m really happy with its stunning quality. My mighty kudos to the SanDisk guys!

Of course, there’s still room for improvement. One very common request would be gapless playback, but this is already talked about enough in the forum so I won’t add anything else.

One other small issue I found is that the player won’t recognise .oga files as valid OGG tracks. If I change the extension then everything works just fine, but afaik now .oga (OGG audio) is the new official extension for the audio-only files (.ogv is for video files). This should be pretty trivial to fix as there’s no other apparent change except for the extension name. At least in linux land (I use Fedora 11) cd rippers now default to .oga extensions.

One other thing (and a small disappointment also) would be support for .m4a files. MPEG-4 audio is a pretty common format nowadays, and many other players support it already. But I understand there might be licencing issues here.

However, my overall impression stays greatly positive, the Sansa Fuze is the best player I ever owned til now!

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To further prove my point about OGG file extensions, here’s RFC 5334


Although to be honest I’m more than grateful that the Fuze even supports ogg, hardly anything else does!

Also, my Fuze plays .m4a’s perfectly fine.

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@mngrif wrote:

Also, my Fuze plays .m4a’s perfectly fine.

How did you manage that?

@marvin_martian wrote:

How did you manage that?

Back when I was giving LinuxMint a try (pretty cool, btw, just highly unstable) I installed a Nautilus plugin that would give a right click menu for converting audio formats. I’m not too sure what back-ends it uses, but I converted an album that I had ripped in FLAC to m4a so I could play it on my phone. This was about a year ago. I later used that SD card in my Fuze and the same album played just fine.

For all I know it converted it to mp3 and then simply gave it a .m4a extension. I have long since deleted the files and replaced them with the proper FLAC rip, otherwise I’d poke around and make sure.

I too have been and still am impressed with this mp3. I think that it’s awesome for the low price it was, much better than an overpriced iPod.