odd problem after firmware update

I had a bit of an odd problem after a recent firmware update.  I had installed a 1 GB micro SD in my c250, and after the firmware update, Windows Media Player 11 kept telling me there were no songs on it, yet it told me it was almost full!  Had no luck finding the files in My Computer either, in either mode (in MSC mode, they only read as numbered bit files).  Finally decided my only option was to reformat the card and re-organize my player trying to figure out what I was missing (had a pretty good idea).  And it let me shake things up a bit.  Maybe if I take the card out next time I try an update…

Just a heads-up to anyone who has installed a card.


Thanks, for the post.  I am looking for info on the same problem (numbered files) for this POS.

Hey SanDisk! Try warning folks of your buggy firmware upgrades before they lose all their files.

was all you music lost or just what was on the micro sd? also it would be nice if anyone could confirm that updating without a micro SD in the player has a different result.

personally i would never do a firmware update without having all data backed up to a secure location but i guess thats just me.

Same here.  I backed up all my stuff first, and I think part of dowloading the firmware is that you have to format the player anyway, so it’s better to back it all up into a folder.

well, all my music was on my computer, so backing up wasn’t really a problem.  It was just remembering what all was on the card.  I didn’t so much lose it and it got corrupted somehow.  The card was reading as just about full, but unreadable.  I didn’t lose anything on internal memory.

So to confirm - C200 + MicroSD Card + Firmware update = corrupt MicroSD Card?

What I would suggest would be taking the card out prior to the update, that’s all.  I’ve taken the card out on a couple of occasions and put it back in with no problems (in others words, no “read” problems on putting it back in).  (I know someone on the boards had a problem with that, but the card is suspected, not the device…)

oh, did you note in my first post that after the files got corrupted I simply re-formatted the card (ONLY the card, not the whole device) and it was just fine?  I could just re-sync to the card again as normal.  Just a minor glitch I hope to help others avoid.