another day, another problem with the money waster

Another day, another problem with the junkiest piece of hardware I’ve ever had the displeasure to purchase.  Now my player is making up figures as to the number of songs on the player.  Everytime I switch it on, without moving any files, the number of songs listed in “system info” is rising.  Of course, this means the machine thinks I have more than a 1000 songs on it and doesn’t want to work properly (don’t worry firmware update coming soon… oh no wait they said that in july but doing something about it is something completely different).  Any solutions?  Any chance of maybe caring about your customers, Sandisk?  An nice update that fixes all the problems and gives us the user interface and functions that attracted us to the player in the first place?

you might want to try the firmware update here

I have the most up to date firmware.  The firmware update I’d like to see is the one that is promised in the post I linked to above, which is dated 07-31-2007.  It said that there would be a solution to the 1000 song problem.  Given the fact that the most recent update allows for higher capacity microSDs to be used, it would be nice to be able to actually fill them.

I seem to have solved this song count problem by doing one of those “+ and select” resets.  This was a pain but it seems to be listing the correct number of songs now.  Hopefully it will remain that way.