I had issues with my c240 firmware and Sandisk Technical support as result my c240 became inoperative.
Today I have called Sandisk Corporate office at 408-801-1000, and complained about their Trchnical support
to Mr. Kavin a highlevel customer support person. He promissed will solve all of my problems, he was a nice man, contrary to those Technical support people.

Really when you can not get result from customer service, or Technical support must complaint to Corporate Office and they should be aware of the problem.

what was it that the tech support couldnt provide for you? im curious. Was it the rollback firmware you kept bringing up?

Yes Firmware, one of the Tech support by giving me bad advise (Format the unit) ruined my c240, I had to replace it.

if formatting ruined your unit, I would want to get it replaced anyway. Formatting is a function you wouldnt have to do without, and if you wanted to format it later on down the road, it possibly could have failed.

Getting the rollback firmware shouldnt be such a problem though, i do agree with that.

Fortunately I have Radio Shack replacement warranty. I went and replaced it without any problems.
It makes me mad that when a Tech support has no knowledge of device, and does not understand basic English should not give any advise, simple as that.

I too was told by support to format. Fortunatly, I held off continuing to ask questions of support. Fianly, the support person refered me to the message board. From here I found solutions to the firmware problem. Thankfuly, one support person reads the message board.