now it won't turn on!!! Help please!

I have had the my shaker for two months before i experienced any problem. Then it began to turn off randomly. i thought it was the batteries. so i changed them. No effect. A little while later, it would only turn on with the noise, then it would not play any music as if it cannot read it. i’ve checked the batteries multiple times; they were fine. Now it will not even turn on. if anyone knows why this is happening pleases assist me. Thank you tons.

My daughter had this happen to her ON christmas… She got to use it for half a day and now it will not turn on. Did you find out anything or does anyone else have any ideas?

Ok. I just fixed my daughters unit.

Our problem was that it would turn on and that was it. No music. Wouldn’t power off.

So, I put in a new battery.

Reformatted the storage card.

Put on her music again…

And now it is working. 

I had the same problem - you do have to reformat the disk, which means it will erase everything on it.  But after that is done, you can re-add your music and it should work again as it did before.  I hope this is a fluke and not something that needs to be done every time the  battery runs down!

How do I reformat the disk

To format the card, put it in the Shaker and connect it to the PC.
    -Open My Computer and Right Click the Removable Disk
       -Select FORMAT and be sure the file system is FAT32
          -That’s It ! :smiley:

Mine just turns on and then nothing happens, it worked fine for about 2 months and when i connect it to my pc my computer detects it but when i click on the removable drive it says please insert removable drive so i cant do ANYTHING with it!Please help!!

How do you reformat a storage card?