not turnin on:

can anyone help me… its just a week since i got SE… dont know what happened… its not turning on… it shows sandisk and goes off… when i connect it with the system it is detected but when i try to open it to view the files it asks “do you want to format it” … if i say “no” it goes off … if “yes” it replies that "it cannot be formatted… please someone help me out of this…

I too would love an answer for this question, as mine is doing the same thing, and it is only about 3 weeks old.

Please note I have tried resetting.

You both could try updating the firmware as described in this post.

But, both of you have only had the player a short while. Consider returning or exchanging the player. You typically have 30 days to return/exchange it at the place of purchase.

If the player is giving you problems now when it is brand new, it seems to me that the problems can only get worse.