Not Recognized at all

So as of today, my clip is no longer recognized by Windows, though it was for the past six months.

Doesn’t show up in ‘My Computer’ nor in the device manager.  Is not recognized by Sansa Updater, obviously.

Changing the clips’s USB mode has no effect.

I’ve tried about a half dozen USB cords.

The interesting thing is that when it is plugged into the computer, it charges up AND I can listen to music!  Indeed… when it is plugged in to the computer it operates just as it would when it isn’t plugged in… it does all the normal functions (but also charges up).

Obviously because it is not recognized I can’t change the firmware (which is at the most recent version anyways).

Any thoughts?

Try a reset (hold the switch in the up/on position for 15+ seconds).

Could be an issue on the PC rather than the clip.  Do other USB devices work?

Tried the reset, with no success.

Other USB devices work on this machine.  Have also tried the clip on other machines, with no success.  :frowning:

The fact that it will play music when plugged in clearly indicates it’s getting power but not a data connection. The clip will not play music with a valid connection.

If this condition remains when plugged into another computer, or even if the usb port on current computer works ok with other devices, then it looks as if you’ve lost the data lead internally. Either return if under warranty or take the case apart although I expect the connector would be soldered into a circuit board so there may not be much you can do, but no telling without taking a look.

I have 3 Sansa Clip+ and 3 different computers, all three stopped recognizing the sansa clips all at roughly the same time.  Playing around with the settings i can get the clips to say connected, but regardless, the computers never see it on the my computer windows.  2 computers run windows XP the third runs windows 7.  I also have owned these three clips for 4 months.  I’m still trying to find a solution too.

I saw another message that suggested that, with the clip unplugged got to settings then it said go to msc, i had no setting but went to music and the battery died and iplugged it in to a windows xp computer and the clip said “connected”, yet the computer still fails to recognize that anything is plugged in.  I moved that clip to the windows 7 computer and I could get it connected up.  the windows xp computers both still to fail to recognize  that anything is connected.