Need HELP! My Sansa Clip + no longer recognized by my PC!

Basically, when I connect my Sansa Clip+ to my PC via USB, it will recognize it in “My Computer” for a fraction of  a second & then it will disappear! The drive for my Sansa will apear for 2-5 seconds & then bam, gone.

Sometimes the Sansa Clip+ will will reappear again in my drive after leaving it connected, but again it will only appear for a split second & disapear like it was immediately disconnected.

After that my Sansa Clip+ will just play music like it was not even connected to my PC with the USB cable. I don’t think it is even charging when connected.

I have a another spare Sansa Clip+ & when I connect it to my PC with the same USB cable & the same USB port, it gets recognized perfectly! No problems with that!

Is my Sansa Clip dying or the the USB connector on its end loose & not able to properly connect?
Do I have to buy a new one or is this fixable??

Have you tried swapping the cables? Sounds like the cable you’re using (on the one that intermittently connects or charges) might have a loose wire or pin in it.

That did it. It was the USB cable all along!