Not enough space for DB - Formatted - Now FAT is corrupt

I received an error message after transfering music to my Sansa Fuze.  The message indcated that there was not enough space for DB and said to free 90MB.  I read the instructions on the website and formated the drive.  Now I am receiving an error message saying that the FAT is corrupt and saying to connect it to the PC to recover the FAT.  I reconnected to the computer with no change.  I then downloaded the firmware zip file and transferred the file to the drive.  Still no change.  Please advise.

Perhaps you should try reformatting from within the Fuse’s menu. I’m guessing your PC isn’t using the correct settings for the Fuzz, as the Fuzz seems to be picky about formatting. If you do it from within the Fuse’s menu, it will force the thing to use the appropriate settings. Otherwise, their may be some particular file that’s causing problems. When you reformat, are you using MTP mode, or MSC mode? Are you transfering files unto your device after reformat, and then getting the error, or are you just disconnecting and hoping things works?

You can try formatting the player in MSC mode.  To connect the player in MSC mode, with the player off, slide the power switch down to the lock position (you’ll see an orange color there), then press and hold the << or back button while you connect the fuze to the PC.   You may have to continue holding the << button down for a while until you get a connection.

If the computer recognizes the player, format it through the computer.  If your player is a 2gb one, fornat as FAT.  For a 4gb or 8gb, format as FAT32.

If it successfully formats and the player is working normally, format it again through the player’s settings to optimize the memory.

One other thing, sometimes the “not enough space for DB” message appears because of a bad music file(s).  You may want to check those files that you transfered before the trouble started.

The “Not Enough Space for DB” message USUALLY means a bad file.

But you’ve formatted, so let’s not worry about that for now.

You need to unzip the firmware file and transfer fuzeA.bin onto the driveletter your computer has assigned to the Fuze. It can’t deal with the .zip file.

This worked perfectly.  Can’t thank you enough!

OK, then start transferring your files a few at a time. The Fuze is a little finicky about files and throws up the “Not Enough Space” error if it doesn’t like some detail.

So transfer your stuff again in small batches, unplug and let the database refresh, and repeat. If you get the Not Enough DB, we can start working on those files to fix them.

A brief note regarding the not enough space for music DB  error message:

Before deleting all of your music by formatting the device, which will most certainly work, since you are building a new File Allocation Table from scratch-

You can try the following.  Remember, checking the volume for errors is done while the Sansa is connected in MSC Mode  where the device is accessible as a memory (storage) device.  You must connect in MSC mode.

If your device is stopping upon start-up with this message, you can connect to the PC and use the chkdsk utility  to check the volume for errors  and recover the FAT.  This can be done from an MS DOS prompt, or using the Check Volume For Errors option in Device Manager.

If the device is seen in MSC mode, using Windows Explorer / My Computer, it will have a drive letter assigned, as in E: SANSA FUZE for example.

If you cannot switch manually to MSC mode via Settings > System Settings > USB Mode, you can force an MSC connection manually as described here.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: