FAT32 is corrupted.

Hello there.  I have a problem with my new Sansa Fuze 8gb player.

I have plugged in my Sansa Fuze and have synced it through MTP usb mode using WMP.  After Filling up the Sansa, I had seen the “Not enough space for DB Music, please clear 90MB.”  I had went on to do that, but I couldn’t through WMP.  I had tried to format it (through windows explorer, right click format).  but I cancelled it when I did some research.  I don’t know what to do now.

I have a v2 Sansa Fuze 8gb Player.

I’m using Windows Vista.

My Sansa was originally on MTP USB mode. 

Try formatting from the device if you can.

In MSC you can try “HP USB Disk Storage Format Too”