Fuze DB Error

I have a new 2 GB Fuze and use Rhapsody to transfer subscription tracks to it. No matter how many songs I put on it, whether it’s 2 or 200, it only works for a short time. For example, last night I reformatted it and put 19 songs on it. After I disconnected it it was fine, but as soon as it powers off I can’t get it back on again. It comes up with an error saying ‘Not enough space for Music DB. Please free 90 MB.’ Has anyone seen this before? Does anyone know how to fix this? I’ve scanned these forums for answers and they all point to reformatting. Well, I’ve done that repeatedlyand the error keeps returning. Is there another solution?

If you’ve formatted, then reloaded only 19 tracks, quite obviously there’s enough space.

The fault is referring to a corrupted file on the device.  Are all tracks from Rhapsody?  I have only encountered a few corrupted files, out of the thousands I’ve loaded, and this is most likely a transfer issue (identical files work fine when retransferred).

What you’ll need to do is temporarily switch to MSC mode.  Remember to switch back to MTP for Rhapsody.  Go to Settings > System Settings > USB MODE > MSC.

Now for some magic.

Open a Windows Explorer window via My Computer or [Windows key] + E.  Right click on your Sansa, and select Properties.  Click on the tools tab.  Select check volume for errors , and in the last step, check the box for automatically fix file system errors.  Windows will try to fix the files for you, and is usually successful.

Afterwards, right click on the Sansa and select eject , or use safely remove hardware via the taskbar.

MTP mode differs from MSC in that it does many things in the background.  Note that there isn’t a “safely remove” option when plugged in MTP, as disk caching is handled differently, in packets.  Well, so go the best laid plans of mice and men.  Problems still occasionally can and will happen.

This is a feature of Windows for which you have paid extra.

I learned about file transfers, waiting for the sound of that last card flopping through the IBM card reader.  I still wait for that last “flup-twack” of that last card, since the end one often got a wee bit dog eared from the rubber band around the stack.  How’s that for dating myself then?  I watch the display of the Sansa to clear from “writing” to “connected” before unplugging, as a precaution.

Lastly, go ahead and reselect MTP for some fresh Rhapsody tracks.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Thanks for the tech tips. I followed them and then continued some experimenting. After I did what you said, neutron_bob, I filled the device up a couple of times on 2 different XP machines with no problems. However, as soon as I tried to use the device on the primary machine, which is running Vista, the problem DB problem cropped up again. This happened whether I tried to transfer tracks with Napster, Rhapsody, or Windows Media Player. The strange thing is that we also have a 4 GB Fuze, as well as some other MP3 players, that work fine on this Vista machine. Is there any reason that this one might be giving me a problem?