not connecting right

I connect my sansa fuse pluse to the computer and it just terns off instead of charging or even connecting in that matter the it doesnt even seem like its connected tryed another usb port and plug and got nothing can any one help me out here?

Have you tried resetting it?

Have you tried calling SanDisk Tech Support?

Have you tried returning it for another unit?

I recently bought a Sansa Fuze 4GB mp3 player.  I connected it to my computer and downloaded music tracks.  I disconnect the device from the computer then press the button on top of the device, but nothing happens.  The screen prior to releasing the device from the computer does show “connection” but nothing else.  I try to reset the device (30 seconds of keeping the button pressed, nothing happens.

I also put the CD that comes with the device when I bought it, doesn’t seem to help either.


The power switch is a slider on the lower right side of the unit.