Fuze won't connect to computer

My fuze, which I’ve had since December and has worked perfectly until now, won’t connect to my computer. When I plug it in it shows it is charging, but it is the normal screen as if I had plugged it in to a wall charger. It does not say “connecting” as it should, and my computer won’t see it since it’s not really connected. It’s not like a box comes up saying the computer can’t read it. It’s just that nothing happens. I’ve tried 4 USB ports already. I haven’t yet had a chance to try another computer.

Also, I’ve tried resetting the player, but when I press and hold the power button for 15-20 seconds and turn it on, it’s the same screen. From my experience when my player has froze and I reset it, after I turn it on again it says “refreshing media”, but it doesn’t do it now, so is it not really resetting?


Did you try changing the USB setting on the player’s menu to MSC? Try that while the player is disconnected, then try connecting it again.

Are you sure the USB cable is plugged in completely?

I did try this a couple times and I’m sure the cable is plugged in completely. I also tried my sister’s cord, and it still didn’t work, so it’s not the cord. I have windows 7 and I tried on a Vista computer, but still it didn’t work.

Is there a card in the player? If so, try removing the card first(with the power off) then try connecting again.

I think the only other thing left for you to try is to format the player using the player’s menu(settings, format). It will delete all the songs on the player, but might allow the player to connect to the pc after that. If this doesn’t work, then you need to call Sandisk and arrange for your player to be replaced under the warranty.

There is no card in the player.

I’m just scared of formatting it and losing everything, because then I’m really at a loss. I suppose I don’t really have a choice though. And I bought it refurbished, so it only had a 30 day warranty.

I hate refurbs! Often with refubs you are buying someone else’s problem. While a refurb might be a good player that was opened then reurned,  it could be a defective player that was patched up, but perhaps not completely fixed.

Well it was like half the cost of a new one. Now it’s not looking like it’s that worth it.

As long as the card slot still works and you can charge it, it isn’t so bad.

If the card slot still works, and the internal memory is mostly full, then I guess you are right, and it doesn’t make sense to format it. I mentioned to format it, thinking if that wouldn’t help you could get it exchanged under the warranty…