Not all music files showing up on mp3 player

Hey, I’ve tried searching the forum for a topic in this area but I can’t find one. Basically I’ve put lots of mp3s on my SDHC 32GB and the files are showing up on the computer when the card’s in. But whenever I try put in my cars audio slot only a small number are showing up and playing, any help or redirection to a topic already created on this matter please? 


What is the format of the ones that aren’t showing up? Are you sure they are all .mp3? Many car stereos support .mp3, but don’t support (meaning recognize and/or play) .wma, .flac, .ogg, etc.

I changed all the song formats to mp3, as many were wma etc and then a few more appeared when I put the card in the mp3 player, but I have about 3000 songs on the card and still only 300+ are actually showing and playing.


What USB mode were the files transferred to the player in? Most car stereos need MSC mode, but if it’s one of the Ford Syncs, I believe that system needs MTP mode.

The reason this may be relevant is that a computer (or in this case your stereo system) cannot see files loaded in both modes at the same time. If your player is set to Auto, it can (and will) connect in either mode occasionally.

So if your player was let’s say, set to Auto and it defaulted to MTP mode and you added some files. Then another time you connected and added some more files, but this time it connected in MSC mode, and if your car’s stereo prefers (or requires) one mode over the other, it won’t be able to see the files that were loaded in the other (non-preferred or required) mode.

Check you player in Settings > System Settings > USB Mode for what it’s set to. If it’s Auto, this may be the issue. In this case, you’ll probably want to format the player, erasing everything you’ve put on it; then manually set the USB mode to MSC or MTP and transfer a few songs or albums at a time, seeing if your stereo picks them up.

I would start with MSC mode, because the majority of stereo systems are going to want this. However, if you have one of the Ford Sync systems, try MTP. Once all files are added in the same mode (whichever one works), then it should see and play all of them with no issues, now that you’ve converted any wma files to mp3.

Check it out and let us know how it goes. :smiley:

I have a similar problem but different.

I used iMac to copy the music file in iTunes to my 16G SDHC disks.  Those files are in mp3 formats.  I later deleted these files and re-create the mp3 files from iTunes to the disk.

While I can see the files in PC or iMac, when inserted to my car audio player (CED2000), I can only see those files that I deleted earlier and a few files from the the last copying action that I did (I just re-create a few more music file from iMac and turn them into .mp3 files.

I am wondering why

  1. my audio in car continues to show those music files (in mp3) that I have deleted from the SDHC card

  2. The mp3 files that I re-create from iMac …converting from m4a files to mp3 files using iMac, did not show in the audio player

Wonder what went wronng…

:smiley:   Hi YHKoh,

Dear member of SanDisk Community, welcome.

Friend, is a problem of the card, it fails.

1-   Please, clean the pins of the card, and device slot, with isopropyl alcohol (or if not, medicinal).

2-   Test your card, SDHC of 16 GB, in a other laptops, directly to its port-card.

3-   If still bad, in Start / My Computer , on the card icon, click the right mouse button, and then click in Properties/Tools/Error Checking and Repair.

4-   If still bad, try formatting with (free): USB Flash SD Formatter 4.00,

5-   If still bad, and gives _ write protected, _ is dead, return it.

6-   If the above steps have not solved the problem, please back up your data, and contact SanDisk Technical Support, who will replace the device, if it’s authentic and within warranty.

SanDisk Technical Support:


Regards, Alfred.                                                                                   (Google translated)

:smiley:    Hi YHKoh,

Dear member of SanDisk Community, welcome.

Friend, try with another card, to delimit the problem.


Regards, Alfred.                                (Google translated)