M250 recognized by car stereo but songs not seen

After connecting m250 via usb to car stereo, message aknowledges connection, but no songs to play. Any solution?

The USB connection on the M250 is only for transferring songs from/to the PC and formating, updating firmware.  There is no sound output via USB.  You must use the headphone connection to get sound out to an external device such as speakers, amplifier, etc.

Are the songs in a format the car stereo can play?

Are they in a folder where the car stereo will look?

Does your stereo require the songs to be fully tagged, or can it just go with the file name?

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Thx for reply. I have a sandisk SDMX1 that plays fine. All I have to do is plug it into the usb in the car and it downloads the music to the player. So I was surprise that the M250 did not do so too.

I use the usb for this player as you suggest in your reply.

I’ll check. I know it is in a format the stereo will play, don’t know the answers to the other questions.


Your car stero may be expecting a connection to a flash drive to access the songs.  In MSC mode, the M200 series acts as a flash drive. If you placed the songs on it in MTP mode, they are invisible to any MSC connection.  You will need to place the songs on the device in MSC mode.  If this is the problem, you may be better off using a real flash drive.  They are cheaper and don’t require battery power.