Connection to audio box in car does not recongnize microSD


Probably this question is way too specific, but I hope you can give me some advice. I bought the Sansa Express to connect to my audio connection box in my car. This is a box connected to my car radio, to which  a USB MP3 player can be connected so I can play MP3s on my car stereo.

Everything works perfect with all mp3s stored on the internal memory, but my car stereo does not find any of the mp3s on the microSD. My computer shows the internal and microSD memory as two separate devices and I suspect that this is causing my car stereo to not recognize the extra card.

Do you have any suggestion on the solution to this problem? Is there maybe a way to format the devices such that they look like only one device…?

Thanks for your help

Hello J_Boom, Welcome to the Community!

Sorry.  It is not possible to “Merge” the player and the microSD card into 1 logical disk… Perhaps you can contact your car stereo manufacturer to see if they are aware of a possible fix for MP3 players with expandable memory.