Sansa had music now gone?????

Hi, this is my first MP3 player and it seems that has a lot to offer for the price and the sound that comes out of the earplugs anyways had downloaded one of my CD to the Fuse and it sounded great with the earplugs then tried to use it with my car SYNC  mode and it would not recognize any songs, so read to go to settings anf set the Sync USB or should say the Sansa settings to the USB Mode MSC, since then have been unable to hear anything out of the Sansa nor the Sync and the MP3 player say’s that have no songs on it when I can see 10 tracks???

This had gotten me confused have searched for about and hour to no avail, what in the heck am I doing wrong.  Nice player.

Any feed back would be appreciated.

Your car stereo and computer won’t see songs on the player transferred in MTP mode when the player is connected in MSC mode. If you don’t need the sample songs on the player, and you still have the mp3 files you made from your CD on your pc, then just format the player via its menu(settings, format), and copy the music to the player again.

Thanks for the quick reply now where should the songs be located on the MP3 does it do it auto???

Well was able to download the cd once it got into rhapsody library the question would be on Sunday if my Sync on my car would rec ognize it??? time will tell , Thanks again.


The Fuze has two USB modes :MSC and MTP. Those are the names of different connections. A computer can only see one mode at a time–when you are searching, it is as if the other one does not exist. And various programs use different modes.

MSC mode makes your Sansa work like any other drive on your computer. You can see two drives in Computer or My Computer: one for the unit, one for the card slot. You would open the drive and drag over the folder of mp3s. 

MTP is made to work with Windows Media Player and Rhapsody.

You have the music listed in Rhapsody, and you send it from Rhapsody.  

So using Rhapsody to transfer the tracks means your car stereo probably won’t see them, because your car stereo wants MSC. 

MTP mode is necessary for some music-subscription services, because MTP mode also transfers hidden Digital Rights Management information. But it is not necessary for plain old mp3 files. 

I suggest you connect to Rhapsody and take the files off the unit (in MTP mode). 

Then go to Settings/System Settings and switch to MSC mode.

Find the files on your computer just by using Windows Explorer or the Search function, open the Sansa and drag them in. Then your car should be able to see them. 

You can’t just leave the Fuze in Auto Detect because it will go to MTP first. 

There are free music-library programs like Rhapsody that work in MSC mode, including Media Monkey

and winamp. 

If you do decide to use Media Monkey–try it first–then do the tweak explained here

Thanks Black- Rectangle downloaded the files , now let see what happens did not realized that it would be so complex just to download my own music into a mp3 player, but thank you very much.



The underlying problem is that your car stereo is barely a computer. It can’t burrow into your Fuze to find where Rhapsody put the files. So you have to put the files where the car stereo can find them. The car stereo is used to people putting their songs on little thumb drives and connecting those–it can’t really understand the varieties of ways songs are stored on music players.

Otherwise, you could easily have gone on using Rhapsody as you were.  But MSC is a lot more straightforward: get the songs, put them on the player, done.

I do not need to use rhapsody could use any other program used the Monkey site and the format was a weird one for mr something like DNC.