Non-Workin Fuze

I left the fuze plugged into my computer overnight nad it was found dead in the morning. Its about a month old. What could possibly be wrong with it?

You didn’t mention what you’ve tried, so if you’ve tried these, please forgive me…

Did you do a soft reboot?  Hold the on/off switch up for 10 seconds to see if it turns itself on.

Did you recoonect it?  Does it show up on the computer at all?

I tried the soft reboot. When plugged unto the computer nothing happens. It is not recognised at all.

Did you leave your computer on all night? Were there any power surges? Was the fuze hot at any point (Like when you picked it up in the morning)? Have you tried unplugging it and then doing a reboot? Has anything funny happened with your computer?

It sounds to me like a battery problem… I dont know tho… I leave mine plugged in all night most nights and I have not had a problem. Check the stuff I listed, and if your fuze got hot or went thru a power surge then contact sansa. if you turned your computer off then you may just have dead batteries. If you do a reboot when its unplugged and nothing happens call sansa.

The machine was on all night. There was no surge, the cpomputer was still on in the morning. I do not recall it being hot. When it is plugged in now, its temp. does not change. I tried rebooting with it unplugged and nothing happened. 

Then I would call sansa tech support.