No sound from Clip Sport

My clip sport stopped providing output to the headphones, so I reset the device, reformatted it and

updated the firmware to 1.43. However it still does not give any output.

I have not tried any other headphones, since I do not have spares. Anything else seems to work on it,

and the update worked fine.What else can I do to check it out?

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I have a 2004 Creative Zen Xtra with a history of audio jack problems. Each night, I used to unplug the earbuds and put the player back into the very nice leather case. But, after a few months, the audio started losing one channel and then both channels. 

    After receiving a warranty repair, the audio jack started to fail again within a few months. 

    I was fortunate to find a “fix” for the problem by using an audio splitter with short extenders. Then I plugged my Creative ear buds into one of the jacks. 

   From this experience, I made a personal resolution for all my old, current and future mp3 players (including my Clip Sports and Jam). 


Hello friend, I had the same problem a few minutes ago. First make sure that your headphones work fine. If it is the device that has a problem, try going to “settings” then click on “system settings” and lastly on “Restore” it will ask for permission to restore the system to its factory settings, press “yes” (don’t worry, it will not delete your songs". It worked for me, I hope it does for you too!

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Glad I found this! Had the same problem and the “Restore” fixed it. Thanks!

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Restore worked for me, too. Many thanks for posting the fix.

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