No sound when connected to Bose Soundsport Free

I get message that my Bose Soundsport Free is connected to Clip Sport Plus, but when playing music there is no volume/sound.

This does not happen when connecting to Bose Soundsport Wireless airplugs.
I’ve downloaded and installed new formware, and restored Clip Sport playser, but still no sound with Soundsport Free

Why does this happen, and how could it be fixed?

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I’m having the same issue. Is this a hardware or software issue?

I am having the same problem.  Sometimes the music plays and sometimes it doesn’t even though the two are paired. It is very frustrating as I don’t know why it works sporatically.

I am also having the same problem.

I have the same problem. Come on SanDisk can’t you advise how to fix this issue?

Finally found an answer in Bose forms.

I am finally able to hear the music. But i shouldnt have to go through so many steps to pair a headset with an audio player. It should be a breeze.

Glad i found the answer just in time. I was ready to return the mp3 player.

Here are the steps that finally worked for me as well. Credits to the poster named danger22
“Hey, I cracked the code (at least in my case).  When you have the clip sport on, make sure the bluetooth is OFF and that the music is current paused (can tell by seeing the paused symbol in the top right corner of the screen).  Now turn off the clip sport and make sure the Bose ear buds are in the case.  

Now turn on the clip sport and pull out the buds (they should be blinking white lights).  Don’t do anything until you see the blinking white lights turn BLUE, which means that now they are ready to pair again.  On the clip sport (should still be in paused mode), go to the Bluetooth menu option and turn bluetooth ON.  Once you see the Bose headphones show up, press the center button on them to connect.  DO NOT do anything after pushing the button on them.  After about 10-20 seconds, the screen will automatically go back to the music you were playing (music play screen w/ album art, etc.).  Press PLAY (top button) and within 2-5 seconds, BOOM they finally work!!!”